Day 1: Roll for Nerd Damage

September is here. That means I will now officially start my challenge of writing a post a day. Yeah, I realise that I didn’t outright say that in the original post so to the everyday person it looks like I outright failed my own challenge on day one.

But alas. Here I am. On a plane. On the first day of pre-Halloween month. There is a baby crying behind me and someone sleeping beside me. The normal plane stuff.

No matter how travelling anywhere sounds like it’s a great thing to blog abut. I’m not going to. Because my travelling so far has consisted waking up, playing Overwatch for too long, forgetting what time I needed to leave the house, and packing final items about 2 minutes before I had to walk out the door. Not the eventful travel story for the ages. More of a study of my absolutely shitty ability to read a clock.

Instead I am going to talk about a quiz. Anyone who knows me knows that I kinda love Dungeons and Dragons. I play two campaigns, attempt to DM another, and spend more time making characters than being productive. So when I came across a ‘What D&D Character Would You Be?’ quiz in my daily social media scroll it was evident that this quiz would define my entire life. Who cares about horoscopes? Your alignment is what’s really going to tell me if we’ll get along. This is the second biggest defining quality behind your Hogwarts house.

Of course, I had pre-disposed ideas of where I sat in the world of D&D – a Chaotic Good Gnome Ranger. Maybe a Halfling, something short. So I set down to fill in this quiz while waiting to board, ready to have my suspicions confirmed. And, I was kinda right. Pretty close actually. Sporting high stats for Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma – here I stand, a Lawful Good Elf Druid/Ranger. Half a point to knowing I sat at the upper end of the alignment scale, another point for getting Ranger – if only secondary class. My constitution is horrible, yay me, and while I still only sit at first level in both my classes – I can see badassery in the future.

Who cares what Sagittarius can tell you about my personality. Psycho-analyse the Slytherin Lawful Good Elf Druid/Ranger. I’m here to talk a lot, pet animals, kick ass, and help people. It might not be a Chaotic Good Gnome, but damn. I’ll take it.

Dorky Elf Girl out.

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